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Brand: Adventure Lights

The Adventure Lights Guardian Mockingbird IR Marker can be programmed in the field using any IR light source that is put in front of it. With up to 20 seconds of recording time, the possibilities are endless.

The Guardian IR Mockingbird can also clone itself to another IR Guardian.

It features Reverse Polarity Program Switching, which assures that its programming and recording feature will only activate in one position while reserving the transmission of the programmed signature for the second position.

By simply flipping the battery, you can easily and safely switch between programming and transmission mode.

Programming the Guardian IR Mockingbird

First, be sure to be in a subdued light environment. Flip the battery, screw down the lens and wait a couple seconds for a quick IR flash (dull red glow) to come from the light.

When finished making your signature, take all light sources away and then wait for two quick flashes from the Guardian IR Mockingbird (This happens around five seconds after you stopped flashing a light in front of it) to confirm that it has recorded. Then, unscrew the lens.

When you flip the battery back to its original position, it will play what it has recorded.

Clone a Guardian

Follow the above procedure and place the Guardian with the signature you like (the Master) over the Guardian you want to record the signature to (the Slave) when in recording mode and after the initial flash from the Slave Guardian. When you finished just take the Master Guardian away and wait for two flashes from the Slave Guardian before unscrewing the lens.

You can also use a normal flashlight to program the Guardian, just be sure to record in a subdued light environment (you will need to do this to see the confirming IR flashes anyway).


Dimensions 1.5in(L) x 1.25in(W) x 1.0in(H)
Weight 0.9 oz.
Flash Rate 50 + 10 Per Minute
Battery Life 250 Hours Minimum Strobe, 100 Hours Minimum Constant
Visibility 0.6 Miles
Waterproof 100 Meters
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